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Flower Brand Sambal Peteh 200 gram


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Our Flowerbrand sambals are made from the best fresh chili peppers, with a minimum of necessary additives and without artificial flavor enhancers such as E621. In this way you can give your dishes a (mild to hot) spicy taste in the most natural way possible.

The complete Flowerbrand samba line consists of different flavors, so that there is a delicious and qualitative variant for every desired taste.

Peteh beans are also called “stink beans”. In English sator beans. They are called pete or petai in Indonesian and are the most commonly used in this cuisine. They are used less often in Thai cuisine. The name “stink bean” is given to the peteh bean not because the bean stinks, but the smell that penetrates the skin pores. They grow in a long pod just like in fava beans. Sometimes they grow up to 50 centimeters.

It is a seasoning just like shrimp paste.

Sambal goreng udang peteh is a very popular dish that can be found on Oriental menus: shrimp fried with sambal, peteh beans and coconut milk.

The peteh bean is also used in the sajur lodeh.

We have processed the peteh beans in this tasty sambal.

Produce of Indonesia

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